FRED Wood Home Refurbishments

 specification includes  

Dura Plank



Fred wood Park Home Refurbishments specification includes  

Dura Plank

Extra Thick Gauge (.054")
Thickest panel on the market offers superior rigidity and strength.
Free-Floating Foam Foam is locked, not glued, to allow for expansion, contraction and escape of moisture for a lifetime of performance.
Ventilating Air Pockets Creates an efficient thermal barrier and helps protect against rot, mold and mildew.
Effective Water Channels Water and condensation are collected and guided away from internal walls. Helps prevent water from pooling behind siding, which can lead to rot, mildew and thermal breakdown.




Won't spall, crack or crumble like traditional brick and mortar.

Will not peel, dent or show scratches like aluminum siding.

Fiber Cement
Will not crumble, crack or absorb moisture and will not require

 painting or caulking of unsightly seams.

Will not rot, split or warp like wood and never needs painting.






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