FRED Wood Park Home Refurbishments specification includes


  All Exterior panels are removed and if there are any wet or damp insulation that is removed. All rotten wood is treated or replaced with new treated timber uprights, where needed depending on the cladding system being used. New insulation is fitted into the frame work then new primed plywood boards are fitted sealed and textured (texture coating specially formulated for park homes). Where new windows and doors are not being fitted we try to remove then refitt existing ones. Also we fit as standard a bevelled timber drip rail at the bottom of the cladding, enabling water to run onto the ground, not back underneath the cladding, causing rot and damp.   


Texture Finish

The Texture Finish has thick, cement like consistency.

It will give a guaranteed 10 years durability while an overall life expectancy of 20-30 even 40 years is not too much to suggest, when applied and maintained correctly

Can be worked while still wet to obtain a wide and varied range of designs, patterns and textures.

Extremely effective for covering hairline cracks and other small surface irregularities.

Will not crack or craze during the movement of the substrates caused by normal expansion and contraction. Particularly around window and door frames.

Unlike some texture finishes, the finish we use allows the substrate to breath whilst still maintaining total water and weather protection.

May be over coated with the proper masonry paint

Available in a range of 20 colours.

Substrate Preparation

Before we start texturing or re-coating we will make sure

All surfaces to be clean, dry and free from any loose or flaking material.

All boards will then be primed using A Primer

We prime both sides of the boards.

Joints between the panels will be sealed with  Scrim Tape.

And after all the prep work is done the walls will then be rolled in for the finale Pattern


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